Science Fiction and Paranormal Fantasy with a Noir Twist



Most of my writing is informed by my interest in classic science fiction as well as Hollywood and Los Angeles culture, especially hard-boiled noir. You’ll find that my books fall into two broad categories: Echoes and Disruptions.


In my Echoes novels, you’ll find hints of nostalgia–the world as it used to be, but with a twist. You’ll find a time-traveling hack science fiction writer, a reluctant demon slayer in old Hollywood, a lawyer for the undead, and a professor hoping to unravel the mystery of a lost science fiction writer while trying to heal from wounds that run deeper than he knows.

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In my Disruptions novels, you’ll find that the future is just a bit dark. If the world is still around, it’s a world where technology is re-shaping our connections to one another and where corporations impact everything from our sense of self to our ability to sleep and dream. And then again, the world may not even survive as we know it, as you’ll discover when you delve into my post-apocalyptic novel to find out who survives and who doesn’t.

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