Ace Stubble Series

Science Fiction and Paranormal Fantasy with a Noir Twist

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For fans of Jim Butcher, Simon R. Green, and Charlie Huston…welcome to the world of Ace Stubble, where the undead, the disembodied and the mythical bump up against the living in their day-to-day existence–and where a creature of the night ends up needing a good lawyer every now and then.



Zombies, werewolves, vampires, rival Bowie tribute bands, and conjoined twin mobsters…it’s all in a day’s work for Ace Stubble, a gritty lawyer whose clients are the undead and paranormal.

Ace should have learned a long time ago that “easy” jobs are never that easy, but how could this one go wrong? All he needs to do is find the right re-animator to put some life back into the dead man’s hand that his friend Pixel Patterson has acquired. There could be a good deal of money in it–and it doesn’t hurt that Pixel is easy on the eyes.

Unfortunately, re-animators aren’t all that cooperative in this city, and before long Ace is calling in favors that lead to other favors. When a van-load of zombies goes missing, Ace realizes there’s more to the dead man’s hand than he’d thought, and there are people far more dangerous than Pixel Patterson trying to unlock the hand’s secrets. But now it’s too late for Ace to back out of the deal, and he has to rely on more than favors if he’s going to come out of this one still in one piece.

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It’s another open and shut case for Ace Stubble, lawyer for the undead and disembodied. UnfinishedBiz2500x1563_022AAt least that’s what he thinks.

When Cordelia Dearborn—a ghost with a shady past—hires Ace to rid her home of pesky, freeloading descendants, Ace figures he’ll have no problem collecting his fee. But there’s more to this case than a cranky old ghost and a houseful of unwanted people. Everyone in the Dearborn family—the living, the dead, and the mentally ill—has a secret or two, and Ace can’t avoid getting caught up in all of them. It doesn’t help that Cordelia’s beautiful granddaughter seems willing to do anything to keep from being evicted.

It’s all such a mess that no one—neither the living nor the dead—seems aware that there’s bigger trouble brewing in the house. Ace Stubble has faced danger before, but is he ready for what’s living in the basement of the Dearborn estate?

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Dead Man’s Hand and Unfinished Business are also available in a single paperback:AceStubbleNovellas004

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