The Smackdown Is Here!

30 Mar

Launched: The Immerse or Die Science Fiction Bundle

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve seen my posts on Jefferson Smith’s Immerse or Die book reviews. If not, let me tell you that Smith is a tough audience to please. Every day, he gets on his treadmill with an independently published science fiction or fantasy novel and sets off on a 40 minute journey. When he runs into problems in the book–things that break his immersion in the story–he marks it as a WTF. Three strikes, and the book is out. If you look through past reviews at IOD, you’ll see there are a lot of books that don’t make it past 10 minutes; very few make it to 40, and when they do Mr. Smith reads them all the way through to the end.

The best of the best–the books that keep him engaged all the way through–have been bundled together in the past as limited edition sets through StoryBundle, and I’ve been pleased to have my books included in all 3 of the past bundles.

Now Jefferson is trying something new–bundling 8 of the best science fiction books that have crossed his treadmill and making them available through major booksellers.

That’s right–you can get 8 treadmill-tested science fiction novels for just one price. If you bought these e-books separately, they would total around $30, but now you can get them all for just $5.99. That price is going to go up in a few weeks, so why not grab the bundle now at the launch price?

I’m pleased to say that my cyberpunk noir novel, Strictly Analog, is among the bundled books. If you haven’t already read it, this is a great way to get your copy and seven other solid reads to go along with it.

Buy the Smackdown at Amazon

Buy the Smackdown at Kobo

If you’ve been hanging around here for a while and already have all the books in the bundle, you have my deepest gratitude. Could you do me a favor, though, and share this announcement with friends who you think might be interested? Hitting one of the share buttons would also great.

All right…treadmill or not, start reading!

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